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Darling has a great leveling system with FREE rank card backgrounds cough MEE6 cough , inline leaderboards, and member XP control. This is the best leveling bot available in the whole of Discord!


With dozens of commands like spotify, owoify, emojify, and more... You can be sure that your server will never become a boring place. There are even powerful image and GIF manipulation commands that no other bot has!


With intuitive logging in seperate channels for voice, messages, and member events you can find all the evidence you need. Additionally, the logs are similar and improved on from Dyno for a friedly feel.


You can ban, kick, and unban people using this bot. The member who is being banned or kicked or unbanned will get the reason sent to them as a DM so that they are made aware of the reason of the action. This is especially useful for unbans because it notifies them that they can join back again.


With the online dashboard you can change loads of Darling's settings for your server. Currently it supports:

  • adding, removing, and viewing boosts
  • adding, removing, and viewing ranks
  • turning off and on level up DMs (off by default)
  • Features in development

    So with this bot of course i will be adding stuff to it over time, and i thought: why not inform you all of future changes, and here we are:

  • Adding reaction roles support
  • Weather commands (current time, forcast, and hopefully historical)
  • Webhook support for things like twitter, twitch, and youtube notifications.
  • More improved moderation tools with bad word filters and temp bans
  • Anti-raid mechanics that will hopefully help protect your server against scam bots
  • AND CUSTOM rank card colours (a lot of people have been asking for this ahhahaha)