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Darling has a great leveling system with FREE rank card backgrounds cough MEE6 cough, inline leaderboards, and member XP control. This is the best leveling bot available in the whole of Discord!


With dozens of commands like spotify, owoify, emojify, and more... You can be sure that your server will never become a boring place. There are even powerful image and GIF manipulation commands that no other bot has!


This bot can also log any even that happens in your server WITH options to ignore channels or members with certain roles 👀 Nothing could be better!


There are many bots with starboards on Discord but none are quite like this. You can change the number of stars per channel, have xp rewards for starboarded messages, and tell the bot to outright ignore channels.

Image manipulation

Do you even just want to swirl, magik, invert, solarize, rot.... an image or gif? If so, my bot can do it all! I have even developed a method for getting Tenor gifs so ANY link that provides an embedable image to by bot work.


What use is a general purpose bot if it can't even do moderation commands? This bot can do temp roles, temp mutes, temp bans, mutes, bans, kicks. I assure you it is a pleasant experience compared to Dyno.